Penelope Cruz Photoshop

Checkout this lovely before and after photoshop image of amazingly beautiful actress Penelope Cruz.

Its kinda difficult to tell which is the before and after, she is truly a natural beauty!

Nicollette Sheridan Photoshop

Checkout this drastic photoshop before and after image of desperate housewife star actress, Nicollette Sheridan.

They sure do like to adjust these celebrity skin tones, truly amazing.

Naomi Watts Photoshop

Here we have a shocking before and after photoshop image of Hollywood actress Naomi Watts.

This is perhaps the most unbelievably touched up photo of all the photoshop images i have seen so far.

It looks like two completely different women.

Kelly Clarkson Photoshop

Checkout this dramatically different before and after photoshop image of American idol singer Kelly Clarkson.

Its almost like looking at two completely different people. Truly shocking!

Katherine Heigl Photoshop

Have a look at this behind the scenes before and after photoshop image of actress Katherine Heigl.

Clearly there is a difference, but she remains stunningly beautiful in both photos.